Local SEO

About Local SEO

When local businesses need a boost, Local SEO is one highly potent medium to market them online. It operates by focusing on providing results that are applicable to a searcher based on their present location. Local SEO marketing is a great way to maintain a digital presence even if your business doesn’t have a website. In the absence of a website, your potential customers would still be able to find you online with the help of local SEO.

What Exactly does it Entail?

Local SEO facilitates the online promotion of businesses, their products, and services, to local customers precisely when they’re looking for it. It entails the use of many strategies, such as getting a site ranked higher on search engines like Google, Bing, or business directories such as Yelp, Yellowbook, Superpages, and Foursquare. Local SEO for business makes use of your business address, phone number and online reviews to push it closer to the top of online business listing. With the advent of smart phones, millions of customers use online search multiple times a day to find the best local businesses in their area. You can manage to exponentially increase your chances of getting found by these prospective customers through Local SEO.

Why do You Need it?

Gone are the days when potential customers used to search for relevant businesses among a stack of flyers. This is an age of technology and people depend heavily on the internet for all kinds of information. In such a scenario, Local SEO has become an effective way for businesses to indirectly reach out to probable customers.

Listed below are a few reasons as to why do you need Local SEO marketing:

  • Targeted and Timely : Local SEO is highly targeted and extremely timely. When searchers look for a specific type of business online, Local SEO makes for your business to be featured in the list of those relevant businesses. The promotion of a business also lies in the fact that it is found by a potential customer exactly when they are looking for it.
  • Most Local Customers Turn to the Internet : All recent studies show a declining trend in people’s news reading habits. Whenever one needs an information, they are able to find it on their smartphone or tablet in just a few seconds. Thanks to continuous advancements in the digital trend, most customers now turn to the internet for finding local businesses. Local SEO is crucial for your business to keep up with the changing times.
  • Potential Customers Trust Online Reviews : Word of mouth can be an extremely influential tool to promote a business. It has been observed that most potential customers trust online reviews submitted by other customers. Local SEO employs the means of local online reviews to get your business noticed by a larger number of searchers.
  • Cost-effectiveness : Local SEO is much more cost effective than traditional marketing for it allows a business information to be exposed to a prospective customer only when needed.

Need for Content Optimization

Maximization of the possibility of your online content appearing in search-related queries and picking up more organic search traffic can only happen when it’s implemented well. That’s when content optimization comes into the picture and plays a crucial role. Content optimization is the process of executing content on web pages in such a manner that increases its chances of being visible to the searchers.

SEO is all about observing and understanding certain words and phrases people use to find information on the internet, and then developing online content in such a way that it meets those queries in important locations in search, such as Google. Local SEO is an extension of this which produces location-specific search results.

How can Media Friday Optimize Your Content?

Our Local SEO team at Media Friday identifies all opportunities to further the optimization of your digital content by employing various tools. This helps us to comprehend the keywords’ patterns of your competitors, and how using different words and phrases can make for improvement in your search performance to drive higher traffic and conversions. Content optimization for Local SEO is done by using your business’ address, opening, and closing times, contact information and online reviews about it.